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Accounts receivable management is a vital part of your success as a business. Professional Collection Service is MORE than a collection agency. We are part of your team. We offer tools for invoicing processes that will improve your payment rates so you don't need us (as often).  But, when you DO need a collection agency to recover accounts, we are professional and respectful during the process.

Accounts receivables Don't age well...

The debt recovery landscape is very involved. Collection regulations from the federal, state, and local level keep us adapting our strategies. Because debt collection is highly regulated, partnering with a professional collection agency just makes sense. We maintain the highest ethical standards and provide a firewall between you and your past-due accounts.

We have the technology tools, the experience, and the best practices to recapture the money you are owed and do it in a way that educates your overdue clients. Let US focus our efforts on making YOUR business thrive.

who do we serve?

PCS serves businesses in the Midwest (Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and South Dakota) who want to partner with a collection agency to recover on past-due accounts. We do more than just collect money for our clients. Our goal is to work with our clients on the accounts receivable process and improve recovery rates.

Consumers aren't PCS clients but they are customers of our clients. We recognize that how we work with the consumer to resolve the debt reflects upon the company to which they owe the debt. 

resources for our healthcare providers

PCS has many healthcare clients and we often find interesting articles and helpful resources (got to love the internet!) that we think our clients would find interesting. 

Visit our website often to find articles we have posted regarding healthcare accounts receivables, patient self-pay data, compliance, and much more.  Here are just a few.  Visit the Healthcare Resources page for a more detailed listing of articles.

A great all-around resource for healthcare providers... Physicians Practice. Here are some great articles on Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management.

Billing Strategies To Improve Patient Payment Collections "...advent of high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) has accelerated the problem for physicians to remain profitable..."

The New Healthcare Consumer - Riding the Sea of Change "...65% of bad debt in healthcare comes from unpaid patient balances...."

For more articles like this go to the Healthcare Resources page....

Interesting Articles for Healthcare            

New Research Examines Self Pay "...According to research from athenahealth, one million Americans had a high-deductible healh plans (HDHP) in 2005. That number had risen to 17.5 million Americans by 2014, and as many as 40 million Americans are projected to have HDHPs by 2018..."

3 Big Factors That Make Patient Self-Pay a Headache "...According to Healthcare Finance News, more than half of provider bills don’t get paid. And for every dollar billed to patients, providers have historically failed to collect 65 cents..."

New HFMA Study Examines Rise of Self-Pay "...finds that more patients are paying healthcare providers themselves. The study shows that self-pay has “increased by 10 percent during the last five years,” as high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) have become more common..."

Self-Pay Collections Is a Whole New Animal "...Payment to healthcare providers involves three key processes in the revenue cycle: Insurance follow-up, denials management, and self-pay management..."

For more articles like this go to the Healthcare Resources page...

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Treating past due clients with respect….

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