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Direct Payment Guidelines

March 02, 2015 at 5:19 PM

paid balance_300.jpgpayment procedures and guidelines

It’s great news when a customer finally clears up their past due bill.  Often a customer will call you after they receive a notice from a collection agency.  The collection agency letter reminds them of the seriousness of the past due bill.  

But what do you do when that customer contacts you about that bill?  The listing agreement with Professional Collection Service provides information on how to handle this situation.  Let’s review the guidelines as stated in the Listing Agreement. 

Correspondence and payment procedures after account has been submitted to PCS

Once an account has been listed with PCS, do NOT contact or send statements to the debtor.  If the debtor contacts you to make a payment, contact PCS IMMEDIATELY!  Any payments you accept could create a liability for your company and PCS - if we attempt to collect on an inaccurate balance. Please follow these guidelines:

  • State the account has been turned over to PCS
  • State you can accept a FULL payment and will provide a receipt but extensions or partial payments must be arranged through PCS
  • If the account is paid in full by check, forward the check to PCS for processing.
  • If the account is paid in full with cash, please contact PCS to make arrangements for payment of commission due to PCS
  • If you receive a payment by mail, please contact PCS.  DO NOT send an acknowledgement of payment to debtor, PCS will acknowledge and work with the debtor for reasonable arrangements of the balance.
  • Send any correspondence received from the debtor to PCS

Remember that commission is due to PCS on any accounts you submitted to us for collections.  If you accepted payment directly from the customer, insurance provider, workman’s comp, etc., the commission is due to PCS.  This can be handled in two ways.  You can pay PCS the commission due or we can deduct from future remit checks.

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