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Education by Another Name

September 04, 2014 at 4:19 PM

survey check box.jpgEducation disguised as a survey

Our goal is to be your partner in accounts receivable management.  We want to hear from you and one way is to ask you to take a survey…answer a few questions.  Please visit our survey pages and take one or more surveys…please!  You are thinking…..really?  Wait….we are making some promises to you!

We promise (on our reputation)….

  • Every survey will only be 5 to 6 questions long.
  • There will be educational comments after you answer each question.
  • We will report on survey results so you can see how you compare to other businesses.
  • We will make them FUN!
  • We will consider your answers, comments (and criticisms) and try to make our website and services better.

Tags: Accounts Receivable Management survey

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