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Knowledge is Key

April 22, 2015 at 2:56 PM

key and dollar cropped 220.jpgThere are many resources available to help you hone you accounts receivable management processes. The internet is a wonderful place for answers.

Our goal at PCS is to be your partner, not just a collection agency. We have gathered resources that can guide you in finding strategies that work for your business and will increase payment rates. 

Websites you might find useful in accounts receivable management include: …..Many of the resources on this site require membership. However, there are some great free resources too. ….This site really dives into the details of accounting. In one article about invoice formatting, it states, “The goal in creating an invoice format is to present the minimum amount of information to the customer in order to prevent confusion, while presenting the required information as clearly as possible.”  Enough said about a good invoice! ….Many businesses use QuickBooks and even this easy to use software can be hard to figure out sometimes. Take advantage of the online tutorials available from Intuit and other sources.  

All around Educational Resources….

Here is one of our favorite all around resources.  There are tutorials for every member of the family and for every skill level within your business.  The Microsoft Office tutorials and tips are a “go to”…. So you will want to flag this site as a “favorite”.

And…of course you will refer to the PCS website, our blog, newsletter, etc.  But most of all – give us a call if you have a question!  We are here to help!

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