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New Year's Resolutions

January 07, 2015 at 9:00 PM

new years resolution.jpgWe all make them... and break them.  New Year's Resolutions give us hope that we can improve. Hope and resolve are qualities of a successful business. Here's a resolution worth keeping.....

A bill is a breeding ground for a negative detail of what the charge was for....misspelled clear due clearly stated address for sending payment, etc.  Review our  Anatomy of a Great Invoice  
A survey regarding healthcare (as sited on found that 85 percent of patients who expressed disappointment at the billing and payment experience also gave a low satisfaction score to the healthcare providers.   
This scenario can apply to all types of businesses...make the billing process a positive experience and it will reflect on your business overall.       
The respect and consideration given to the consumer by the collection agency also reflects upon the OVERALL consumer experience. PCS strives to treat consumers with respect and work with them to clear their past dues. Our job is to collect monies owed our clients, but our mission is to be professional, considerate and helpful.   
Just the other day we received this note with a payment....
"It's not easy to be in financial debt so deep that bills are sent to collections. I would like you to know that in spite of the awkward situation I am in, your company has treated me with respect and kindness as I am on the way of repaying what I owe. Thank you for your professionalism and have a Merry Christmas!"    

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