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What makes PCS different?

September 22, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Any business with a website and marketing material will say they are bigger, better, different from competitors, etc.  A collection agency’s marketing message may read - we are the best at what we do….have the most professional staff and above-average collection rates.  PCS is committed to service above and beyond.  We strive to not only collect on the accounts, but we make every possible effort to maintain your customer base through respectful communications regarding their past due accounts.

PCS is your partner in success and here is why:

Integrity and Respect…. All agencies are bound by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  The agency you hired to collect can alienate your customer base if they don’t make an effort to respect the consumer.  PCS takes pride in its approach to the collection process.  We have had consumers inquire if bills placed with other agencies could be transferred to PCS because they felt they were treated with dignity and we worked WITH them rather than just demand payment.

We want to be your Accounts Receivable Management Partner… We strive to educate our clients. We offer a website with information and usable resources.  We know our clients work hard to provide a product or service and our goal is to provide tools to increase payment rates BEFORE the accounts are sent to us for collection.  It might seem counterproductive for us to do this, but it’s not!  We want to be your accounts receivable partner and not just the last resort.

Our process is fair……  Many collection agencies charge commission rates that seem lower at first glance. It has been our observation that some of these agencies make little effort to work WITH the consumer and the objective is to turn the account over to the legal system as quickly as possible (for which the commission is HIGHER).  PCS does not harass the consumer with incessant phone calls OR send to legal until every effort to work with the customer has been exhausted.  We will work with you to decide what steps need to be taken to clear up the account.

No matter what we say….the proof of our sincere intentions is in the process and the results.  So….consider giving us the opportunity to prove it!

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