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Direct Collection 

The most used and the most effective of our collection services. This service employs computer generated notices (in keeping with federal requirements) followed by personal contact by our professional collection staff who are specifically trained and certified.

Pre-Collection Services

As part of our goal to be your accounts receivable management partner, we offer pre-collection (also known as pre-commission) services. Our Pre-Collection Service provides an effective and economical way to notify customers of the seriousness of their past-due account bills. It allows creditors to give customers a chance to pay without damaging their credit (not reported to credit bureaus). More information is available here...

NSF Checks

NSF Checks use the same procedure as Direct Collections – at reasonable fees with very effective results.

As part of our service...

We will use "skip tracing"....the process our collectors use to obtain contact information on your debtor, such as a current or alternate address and telephone number, and can include obtaining a person’s place of employment and current legal cases they are involved in.

Legal Services....PCS contracts with an attorney to process legal efforts to collect the debt.

As our name implies....professional service

  • Skilled, professional staff
  • No listing fee
  • Performance based ....when a debtor pays...only then is PCS paid commission
  • No quota or no dated contract
  • Courtesy forwarding to another agency if debtor has moved out of our licensed area
  • Judgements are handled by a PCS contracted attorney
  • Licensed in NE, approved to do business in KS, Iowa and SD.  JMGR Financial Inc. NE license
  • Accounts in direct collection are reported to credit bureau - TransUnion
  • Easy account submission through a secure on-line process