Steps to take Before you call us

You provided a quality product or exceptional service in a timely sent the invoice....and then get paid. You sent out another invoice that included payment.  You called....and were promised payment...still no money.  Or...worse....received a bad check. 

Unfortunately, this happens.  But payment for services/products is how you stay in your employees!  With a few simple strategies you can increase the rate of payment.

Have you reviewed your accounts receivables process?  Answer a few questions - on our "Aged Accounts Procedures" survey and get some great tips and comments that may help in managing past due accounts.  Take survey here....

Anatomy of a Good Invoice!   and...envelope

A good invoice is a tool to increase payment rates. Click here....see what makes a great invoice!

Forms to download

We are here to help your business succeed. We have provided forms and templates you can use and/or customize in your attempt to collect on past due invoices.  Often a notice with a sense of urgency will result in payment. Click here to view forms.

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