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Proper billing has decreased our number of past due accounts….

“Professional Collection Service helped our billing department develop an effective invoice template and other tools to increase our internal recovery of past due accounts. The PCS staff truly cared about our business.” Richard H.

A Billing Consultant

“We were having a growing problem with past due accounts. When we started talking to Professional Collection Services, they showed us how to clarify our invoicing. They talked to us about offering different options to our customers, making it easier for them to pay on time. They did a great job with our overdue collections. Better yet, they reduced the number of accounts that wound up past due. Thanks, PCS!”  Edward J.

Treating past due clients with respect….

“I was concerned about how much a debt collection agency would be able to recover. PCS surprised me. I saw a change right away. Plus, I have heard from a number of my past due clients. They were all amazed how at how well PCS treated them. No harassment, just a determined effort. Many said they learned a great deal about handling their own finances in the process. Everything works out for everyone.” Maggie Y.

PCS offers easy to use client portals….

“We weren’t sure what to expect when we first contacted Professional Collection Service. The staff was patient in walking us through the process of submitting accounts for collections. The client access portal provides us with easy account submission and real-time reports on the status of our accounts. It was simple and better yet, they were successful in recovering on significant number of past due account receivables.” Nancy M.