Pre-collection Services

As part of our goal to be your accounts receivable management partner, we offer pre-collection (also known as pre-commission) services. Our Pre-Collection Service provides an effective and economical way to notify customers of the seriousness of their past-due account bills. It allows creditors to give customers a chance to pay without damaging their credit (not reported to credit bureaus).

  • Letters are sent from PCS on your behalf, requesting payment (payable to you).
  • One pre-collection letter is sent, providing 28 days in which to pay you directly (see example letter).
  • Cost effective for your company – low flat-rate fees of $5.00 per account and NO commission if they pay during the 28 days in pre-collection.
  • Easy submission process on the secure, online PCS system (required for fee-based pre-collection service).
  • Any accounts that do not respond to the pre-collection letter with payment in full, or do not make arrangements for payment in full during the pre-collection period, are then placed into direct collection according to your listing agreement.
  • We will work with you to customize a pre-collection strategy. For clients who submit a high volume/dollar amount, we may offer pre-collection at no fee. 

Listing Agreement and Pre-Collection Addendum

If you are interested in becoming a PCS client, please review our listing agreement in its entirety as well as the Pre-Co Addendum.

If you are a current client of PCS (with a listing agreement on file) we ask that you review the Pre-Collection Addendum, initial and return. If you have any questions, please call or email.

Listing Agreement 2017.pdf       Fee based Pre-co 2016.pdf